AxS Partnerships

Since MiFID II we have seen serious disruption to the traditional model of broker-led interactions between companies and investors. Within this fast-evolving landscape, InterAxS Global has formed alliances in order to offer highly-focused solutions

sri connect

SRI Connect

InterAxS has partnered with SRI Connect to facilitate communication between companies, investors & their advisors on sustainability issues, we offer a number of joint products

  • SRI Connect is the global on-line marketplace of ideas for SRI & corporate governance and its main aim is to accelerate the inclusion of sustainability factors in 'mainstream' analysis & investment.
  • Together InterAxS and SRI Connect are working on a number of projects for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development which are funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
  • SRI Connect is run by Mike Tyrrell.




InterAxS has partnered with QuantiFire to maximise the efficiency of our online and real-world engagement activity with investors focused on sustainability

  • QuantiFire provides a technology service that helps investors to communicate with companies and companies to better understand the needs and interests of investors.
  • In addition to delivering a high volume of pre-meeting interest and post-meeting feedback, QuantiFire also provides corporate clients with sophisticated perception studies and investor targeting services.
  • InterAxS and QuantiFire are collaborating on an ESG Investor outreach programme with companies.
  • QuantiFire is run by Charles Hamlyn.


Energy & Environment Alliance

InterAxS has partnered with EEA to help raise awareness of how the hospitality industry can manage, and ultimately reduce, their energy consuption

  • The Energy & Environment Alliance is a new member organisation established to help hotels and other hospitality businesses tackle the challenge of climate change in the most effective way possible.
  • Their immediate priority is to achieve faster carbon reduction rates in the hospitality industry and as such, they will enable their members to source their energy at low cost and carbon free. 
  • They will also provide preferential access to the first global, scientifically robust standard for sustainable building management in the hospitality industry.
  • Over time, they plan to broaden their scope to sustainable materials, operations, including water and waste management, and pioneering new environmental initiatives.
  • EEA is run by Ufi Ibrahaim. 


firehouse comms

Firehouse Communications

InterAxS has partnered with Firehouse Communications on a Business and Politics series of events

  • Firehouse Communications is a reputation management consultancy. They secure transformative outcomes for their clients in business and brand development, using bespoke and unique systems and skills. 
  • They analyse the corporate environment of their clients and advise on their political, societal, and corporate positioning within. 
  • Firehouse Communications provide the most senior speakers from a range of backgrounds including the media, security and defense and business.
  • Firehouse Communications is run by Simon Brocklebank-Fowler.


tech lond advocates

Tech London Advocates

InterAxS has partnered with Tech London Advocates on numerous events, we are advocates and members of multiple working groups and we are proud to be a sponsor

  • Tech London Advocates is an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential group in tech.  It is a network of more than 9,000 tech leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in London, across the UK and in over 50 countries worldwide as part of Global Tech Advocates.
  • TLA is independent, private sector-led and non for profit and is run by Russ Shaw.




ExV Agency

InterAxS has partnered with ExV Agency to enhance global collaboration with US and with the Private Equity market

  • ExV is a marketing solutions agency with social impact. 
  • With more than 30+ years’ combined experience in PR, Marketing, Content Production and Business Development, ExV Co-Founders, Karen and Frank have worked across industry sectors, with senior executives, non-profits and entrepreneurs to strategically scale their businesses, organically grow networks and meet rapidly changing needs in an ever-evolving consumer climate.
  • ExV's innovative strategies have transformed the business landscape of some of the biggest venues and some of the fastest growing companies in the world, all with a continued focus on creating sustainable impacts and giving back to communities in need. 
  • ExV Agency is run by Karen Gamba and Frank Carlisi. 


Thyngs Logo


InterAxS is powered by Thyngs Technology in order to bridge the expert and corporate network with the investor community to revolutionise event engagement.  All our badges are connective via QR codes, enabling networking with the audience and speakers at our events

  • Thyngs improve day-to-day operations for both business and its consumers by bridging the physical and digital world.  
  • Through its innovative Event Solution tool, it easily transforms lanyards and badges into instruments of connection using just a tap or scan from attendees smartphones, creating  an all-in-one experience for attendees to access the event information they need.  The solution increases event memorability, provides valuable event data and insight, and encourages attendees to better engage with one another.
  • Thyngs has partnered up with Charities Trust to provide a seamless donation solution for businesses to support up to 18,000 charities using their products and packaging.





InterAxS has partnered with Actio to offer a roadshow capability focused around SMID corporates and will be running a series of events to showcase this
  • Actio works with public and private companies to provide the complete solution for investor engagement and capital market interaction.
  • They provide on-going advice and consultancy along with a research product which brings together traditional company analysis with a multi-media approach.